09/10/2016 – Pound Gets Pounded Some More – Weekend GBP Update

After the decision of the UK to leave the EU the GBP has received a very hard sell off from a high of 1.5000 vs the USD to currently trading at 1.2429. Recent volatility was caused by a flash crash in the GBP with a lack of liquidity and buying interest along with Francois Hollande’s comments of EU leaders making a “firm negotiating stance” with the UK. At the rate the GBP is going it is likely the UK will be bought up from foreign interest soon enough anyway.

17/05/2016 – Aussie Higher after RBA Minutes – Market Wrap Up

AUD/USD higher after RBA signals higher expected growth and stable employment in the future after recent monetary easing. Rate rose 0.5% up to current of 0.7328. EUR/USD lower to 1.1333 and GBP/USD currently 1.4467.